“When you walk taller – I have achieved. I love what I do precisely because it’s about so much more
than hair and image – this is about you and your sense of self. It is about giving you an extra spring in
your step.”

Steve White knows what it takes to help people flourish.  30 years a leader in industry and public
service, his track record of helping people at all levels to exceed their expectations and make a
success in life is second to none. He has managed thousands of people over those years
and transformed organisations from flagging to flourishing.

“It’s all about people and what makes them tick as individuals. I have learned so much about what makes people stand tall or shrink. I also remember as a child, seeing women whose hair had been styled by my mum – leaving with that extra spring in their step. Now I get to combine my human skills with my styling and clinical expertise to restore full dignity, confidence and new life to people. As a practitioner, I get to help people make positive headway on a one-to-one basis.”

“Personal image is important to men. It just doesn’t get talked about and men have
far less help available to help them overcome appearance anxieties. Take premature
balding. Do men worry about it? Of course they do. At its worst, they suffer a total
loss of confidence – impacting on their ability to form relationships. At best, it incurs
a loss of dignity. I have also been involved with the hair transplant business over a
number of years and seen the transformative effect it has. In fact, I had a hair
transplant myself. I had thought about it for ten years then met a practitioner I
trusted. I only wish I had done it ten years earlier. This business has given me a new
lease of life – now I want to give you the same. My passion is in helping people walk
with heads held high – motivated and purposeful. It always has been.”

This business has
given me a new lease
of life – now I want to
give you the same.

“From apprentice plumber to industry leader my own journey has been about
learning to get the best out of people and turning organisations from unprofitable to thriving. My
secret is not a secret at all. It’s simple. Each and every one of us wants to feel valued, significant and
be the best we can be. Getting that right with people is a skill I have learned over many years as a
leader. Heads Held High allows me at once to remove an anxiety that can worsen with time and give
men an image they love and helps restore their confidence.  From initial chat to post treatment I get
to know you and perhaps learn something of what you want out of life.  I can help in that
department too. That’s what a lifetime’s experience and learning has led me to. My father told me
when I was young ‘Find a job you love, where you can make people happier and ideally, listen to the
He will be smiling.”

‘A charismatic Mentor and Coach with both the ability and talent to turn a faltering business into professional, ethical and top performing team.’

Stuart Constable, Whitbread Refurbishment and Maintenance

‘Absolute commitment and passion for all he does, was inspirational. I hope that other organisations facing significant challenges can also benefit from the unique package that he brings.’

Jane Mudd, Partner Leadership Development

A fantastically motivated individual who inspires confidence and aspiration in others. He is incredibly creative and brings out the very best in those around him.’

Karen Anderson, Indigo House Group




Heads Held High is based in its own specially
equipped studio room just a few moments’
walk from the main railway station.

I am delighted to share the building with a
multi-talented group of specialists at the
Timeless Beauty Salon  – we all share a
common goal – making people look and feel
the best they can be. Of one thing you can
be sure. You will be treated like a VIP from
the minute you make contact.