What would you give for a treatment that involves no surgery, no drugs, no scars but, most importantly – gives you back your dignity and confidence?

Well, you have found it here. SMP works brilliantly because it replicates your hair follicles using what is effectively a cosmetic tattoo technique. From planning your hairline to a new look you – it takes just three sessions to complete and remains the only results guaranteed hair loss solution around. It is the perfect answer to male pattern baldness, thinning hair and/or and alopecia. It can also be used to cover head scars.

At Heads Held High, SMP is applied by me, Steve White, a fully-qualified, highly skilled expert who advises and guides you throughout. I will first mark out a hairline that suits and then using specially designed micro-needles will create on your scalp thousands of small pigments that look identical to short hairs. Your friends see a convincing new hairstyle. It really is that good. It is carried out over three sessions to allow each stage of treatment to bed in and settle.

From the very first
session you see
results – so there is
no awkwardness at
any stage.

“Rarely in life do we come across people who exude such vitality that they leave an indelibly
positive mark in whatever circumstance they choose to place themselves. Steve White is
most certainly one of these people.”

Biju Krishnan, Cosmetic Dentist/Clinical Director/International Speaker

 “Why wait? Micripigmentation is the answer. The difference it has made to me and my image of myself is immense. Please, don’t kid yourself into thinking it doesn’t matter. It does.”

Derek, Brighton

‘My girlfriend has always said she loves what’s inside my head. Now, she loves what’s outside too.’

Krishnan, Seaford




Heads Held High is based in its own specially
equipped studio room just a few moments’
walk from the main railway station.

I am delighted to share the building with a
multi-talented group of specialists at the
Timeless Beauty Salon – we all share a
common goal – making people look and feel
the best they can be. Of one thing you can
be sure. You will be treated like a VIP from
the minute you make contact.