Heads were certainly turned in the lofty world of corporate leadership when Steve White, long-time business trouble-shooter and corporate guru, made the dramatic switch from transforming ailing organisations to  creating  Heads Held High, his own Scalp Micro Pigmentation clinic in Brighton.

“I specialise in what is called Scalp micro-pigmentation, says Steve. It may sound technical and unwieldy, but it is the most affordable and effective treatment for male baldness and thinning hair around. Most importantly, it works wonders for men anxious about hair loss.”  So how does it work? “In the simplest terms, explains Steve, it replicates your hair follicles using what is effectively a cosmetic tattoo technique. In just three sessions it transforms the appearance of your scalp – turning awkward baldness into a fashionably close crop. It takes just three sessions to complete and remains the only results guaranteed hair loss solution around. It is the perfect answer to male pattern baldness, thinning hair or and alopecia. It can also be used to cover head scars”.

“Many of my contacts  in the world of corporate leadership were surprised by my career change decision, but when I explained that my decision  was driven by a desire, after 20 years of commuting, to be nearer home and family and do something that gives people immediate and tangible benefits they were thrilled for me.  But there is something else at play here, says Steve. As a boy, I used to regularly visit my hair stylist, mother’s salon. What really struck me was the impact an hour with a hair stylist made on the women. They would come in a bit stressed. But always left with that extra spring in their step. That was probably my earliest inspiration and perhaps an early indication of what might follow many years later.”

“I have been called a motivator in all the roles I have undertaken – first as an apprentice plumber and for the past 30 years as a leader brought in to transform businesses, charities, and public service agencies that have fallen on hard times or seek significant change.  The key is always to get people on side and get the very best out of them – that is, as I have found on my corporate travels, an all too rare leadership trait. I have lost count of the number of people whose confidence has grown like self-raising flour under my leadership.  Where this ability to positively redirect people comes, I don’t know. But it’s a skill I want to deploy in my new role.

I have learned through many years in senior positions that men in particular can be fragile underneath that hardened exterior. If we are honest with ourselves, we have all been there.  What pleases me especially about the treatment I offer is that it makes available something that is potentially life-changing at a cost that is affordable. Most people are not film stars or highly paid footballers who can afford expensive transplants. What I’m offering at Heads Held High is a complete transformation at a fraction of the cost.”

Heads Held High is open for business  at its specially equipped studio at Brighton Dental Spa in the city’s Queens Road. Go to its website www.headsheldhigh.co.uk for more information and if you want to arrange a coffee and chat with Steve White pop him a note at steve@headsheldhigh.co.uk

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